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Learn more about giving at Solid Rock.

You Can't Outgive God.

Our faithful tithes and extra giving are "to the Lord and through the church."

Giving online at Solid Rock is both simple and secure.

Three Ways to Give

By Text

Give anytime by sending a text message. To get started, text Give to (833) 473-4834. Our system will walk you through the simple setup process.


Get setup quickly. Choose to give by credit, debit, or ACH and also select your frequency of giving. Click here to get started.

In Service

We receive an offering every scheduled service. Put your cash or check in an envelope from your seat and place in the plate at offering time during any service.

Our Giving Number

(833) 473-4834

After you’ve registered and given your first donation, text our giving number to give in less than 15 seconds.

Designate Your Giving

Solid Rock Baptist Church provides six areas to designate your giving. See below for a brief explanation to help you determine how you would like to designate your tithes and offerings. To non-designate, choose the general fund, and our church leadership will direct those funds to our most pressing needs. All designations are considered non-binding suggestions.

General Fund offerings are crucial to every ministry offered at Solid Rock Baptist Church. Generally speaking, general fund donations allow us to pay our bills and fund our church ministries and events. 

Missions Fund offerings allow us to support missionaries from within our church, domestically, and abroad.

Building Fund offerings help us make mortgage payments and finance future expansion.

Bus Ministry offerings fund the operation and programs for our fleet of buses that pick up children, teens, and adults in our community.

Hard Times Fund offerings enable us to minister to those with temporary financial needs.

The Summit offerings helps offset the overall expenses from the annual Northeast Vision Summit where Northeast pastors and their families come to be helped and strengthened at no cost to them.

Special Offerings vary in opportunity and are available to give toward as needed throughout the year.

Designate Using Keywords

Use the following keywords to quickly give and designate an offering without ever leaving your Messaging app.

  • General (General Fund)
  • Missions (Missions Fund)
  • Build (Building Fund)
  • Bus (Bus Ministry)
  • RU (Reformers Unanimous)
  • Hard (Hard Times Fund)
  • Summit (The Summit)
  • Sponsor (Sponsor-A-Pastor)
  • Love (Love Offering)

Example: Text Give $100 bus to quickly give directly to the Bus Ministry at Solid Rock Baptist Church.

Manage Your Giving

Save Our Giving Number

Add (833) 473-4834 to your contacts as SRBC Giving to make future giving as easy as sending a text message.

Update Your Payment Method

Updating an expired card or setting up a new bank account is easy. Text update and follow the link we send you to update your payment method.

Your Giving Profile

Need to update your contact information? Want to check your giving history? No problem. Login securely with your mobile phone number to manage your giving profile. 

Recurring Giving

Please take note of the following limitations when setting up recurring offerings:

  • First time recurring transactions debit your payment method immediately.
  • First time recurring transactions cannot be set to a future date.
  • Once set up, the date, frequency, and amount can be changed by logging into your giving account. 


Payment Method Differences

Bank account giving (ACH) helps us save on processing fees. ACH transfers are slower taking 3-5 business days to complete before you’ll see it on your bank statement. Debit card giving is not the same as bank account giving although it is tied to your bank. The debit card processing fee is higher than ACH, but still lower than a credit card. Credit card giving is a much faster transfer than bank account giving but does incur the highest processing fees. 

Text Giving Error Codes

Occasionally, you may experience an error using our text giving system. Below you’ll find a list of common errors, a description of what they mean, and solutions on how to fix them.

  • Duplicate transaction REFID: The system flagged your transaction as a duplicate in an effort to avoid mistakes. Most commonly seen when attempting to give the same dollar amount to different funds within a short period of time (usually less than 24 hours). To avoid this error, vary your giving amounts as little as $1. (Example: Give $15 to General, followed by $16 to Missions, $14 to Bus, etc.)

  • DECLINED DECLINE CHECK DAY LOC #CHKS=3: This is an ACH transaction limit. You’ll get this error when you attempt to give more than 3 times via ACH within a short period of time (usually less than 24 hours). Keep this in mind when giving to multiple funds in succession. To fix, simply wait 24 hours and try again.

  • DECLINE: This system declined your payment method. Usually happens when a credit or debit card has expired. To fix, text update to our church giving number and follow the instructions to update your payment method. 


Our online giving platform securely processes transactions with bank-level security by TransNational merchant services and Txt2Give.

Contact Br. Brad McGilligan if you have any questions regarding online giving at Solid Rock.

Online Giving Director

Br. Brad McGilligan

Send an email